Where to find us?

Rawa’s cakes can be found in several coffee places restaurants, hotels and retail stores around Finland. 

We sell our products through different avenues. That is why it’s hard for us to know exactly where you can find our cakes.

Some of our direct customers, which we supply directly are:

Coffee places, restaurants:

  • Johan & Nyström, Helsinki
  • La Torrefazione Kamppi, Helsinki
  • Paulig Kulma, Helsinki
  • Ateneum Bistro, Helsinki
  • Kiasma Cafe, Helsinki
  • Sis. Deli+ Cafe Tripla, Helsinki 
  • Cafe Viola, Helsinki
  • Tiedekahvila, Helsinki
  • Cafe Birgitta, Helsinki
  • Lauttasaaren Paviljonki, Helsinki
  • Malaga Bar, Helsinki
  • Roihuvuoren Rio, Helsinki
  • Cafe Zoceria WeeGee, Espoo
  • Cafe Zoceria Tarvaspää, Espoo
  • Lähellä DELI, Kauniainen
  • La Torrefazione Sello, Vantaa

Retail stores:

  • Natura Zone, Helsinki
  • K-Supermarket Tripla, Helsinki
  • S-Market Grani, Kauniainen
  • K-Citymarket Nummela, Vihti
  • K-Market Perälä, Toivakka
Online Stores:

If you are interested in becoming a reseller for Rawa’s products please send us an email to merja@rawa.fi

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